Not all iron work is created equal. Hand wrought iron work has a finished quality that welded or bent metal can’t capture. Hand wrought iron work is made by heating then hammering the iron to create texture and design. This is how Gavin Lehman creates his beautiful, unique quality ornamental iron work.

As a Designer-Blacksmith, my work is almost exclusively hand forged wrought iron.  As a product of the Rust Belt and of greater Cleveland, few creative media could be more appropriate than iron. Having earned a degree in Studio Arts and Business Administration from Baldwin-Wallace in 2004 and completed world-renown certificate programs at the Lincoln Electric CHQ Weld School, my formal education in both Fine Art & Design and metalworking is also quintessentially Cleveland

The products of my studio and shop, The Designer Wrought Iron Company, are almost exclusively custom, privately commissioned wrought ironworks and range in scope from railing systems to drawer pulls and candlesticks.  A few select public shows are done from time to time in order to show current trends and experimental works and to sell limited runs various designer home décor, furniture, etc…

In design and direction, my work is largely based upon exploring and harmonizing  relationships, both philosophical and visual.  Amongst the relationship developments relevant in my work are; harmonizing the traditional methodologies of blacksmithing with the aesthetics and ideals of contemporary design; unifying the form of an object, its surroundings and its function; and exploring the visual dualities between the organic and the mechanical.  All of these relationships work towards giving each of my pieces direction and relevance within the spheres of both contemporary Art and Fine Craft.   

My work has been featured in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Sun Times, and on the PBS television series “Applause”. 

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